56 days in Pare-Kediri – Day 35-51: They broke my laptop

Holy Molly I don’t know where I should start, because there are so many stories I want to tell but my laptop is broken. My roommate was poured the water accidentally, I always telling him to put everything in proper place. Not only him but also my other rommie are careless. It took more than two weeks to see my red jewel again, I bought it on 2012 and I name it red jewel. In the previous post, I said that I can write whether use phone or tablet but in Pare is different story. My phone doesn’t get good network and my tablet too. It’s complete torture. I’ll see the brighter side, my roomies are trying their best to clean up the mess have made, they’re known that I had a blog and they were try the best to fix my laptop. The nearest service centre in Kediri is taking an hour by motorcycle. Don’t you remember Pare is far from everywhere?

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56 days in Pare-Kediri – Day 26-33: They are the lover.

What’s your intent when you come to this place, I mean Pare Kediri?, some of you want to improve the english skill, escape from daily routine, take a rest after had failed because one thing, or waste your parent’s money. Some says, escape in Pare is Halal. I guarantee that is 100% correct. You will meet a lot of new people here with good english environment and .., oh ya I forget to tell you that you can find SUN; sunlight light all day long. The temperature is hot and dry, inevitably your skin will be dark after awhile.

I know that you can’t bear with learning english from 5am until 9pm. No, i’m not crazy. I found that learning english was fun here, they have good method in class. In the other hand, there some student have bad habit.

First example they are the truant. Somehow they’re never attend the class, came to Pare just for fun, hang out in the cafe, stay up until morning, drink in the bar and so on. In the end they’re realize after so many days passed that they got nothing from here. Our mentor here just reprimand them but the choice is yours. Stay in here to study or wasting time???.

Second , the lover. They came here look for “another” opportunity, just listen to what their body said. The lover has ability to attract the opposite sex. There are two types of lover: number one is Diligent with Ugly face Lover, they always get attention from the other because not only smart but also has ability to make your heart melt by their brain, don’t forget with their scret weapon: “don’t judge the book by the cover” 😀 . Number two: Eyecandy but Lazy Lover, with his/her charisma could attract the other, if they made a mistake we just silent, we know them as diva. They’re always right eventhough they’re stupid.

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56 days in Pare-Kediri – Day 18-25: Learn, Learn and Learn!

Aku berusaha untuk menikmati masa-masa pelarianku di Kampung Inggris, Pare-Kediri. Diluar udaranya yang kering dan panas di siang hari, kampung ini memberikan kenikmatan untuk belajar bahasa Inggris dan menenangkan diri. Tidak terasa hampir satu bulan aku berada disini, cepat sekali waktu berlalu. Aku merasa kecewa kepada diri sendiri karena terlalu menikmati kegiatan disini, alhasil rutinitas / diary yang harusnya ditulis rutin, malah jadi molor. Molor banget. Banyak foto-foto untuk bahan cerita, namun belum dituangkan ke dalam tulisan.

Okay, selama seminggu ini aku merasakan hectic yang berlebihan. Bangun setengah 5 pagi, kelas vocab jam 5 subuh sampai evening class jam setengah 9 malam. Sampai kamar ingin rasanya jari-jari ini menari didepan laptop, tapi sudah tidak bisa berkompromi lagi karena mata yang lelah dan kepala yang berat.

Vocabulary class. Sampai saat ini, aku sudah menghafal  400 vocab unik yang jarang digunakan dan 100 expression. Contohnya ini – jangan lihat kamus ya, apa arti dari: Haberdashery & Deteriorate. Untuk expressionnya lebih banyak idiom sih: Don’t beat about the bush,  Don’t hang your lips, etc.

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