56 days in Pare-Kediri – Day 35-51: They broke my laptop

Holy Molly I don’t know where I should start, because there are so many stories I want to tell but my laptop is broken. My roommate was poured the water accidentally, I always telling him to put everything in proper place. Not only him but also my other rommie are careless. It took more than two weeks to see my red jewel again, I bought it on 2012 and I name it red jewel. In the previous post, I said that I can write whether use phone or tablet but in Pare is different story. My phone doesn’t get good network and my tablet too. It’s complete torture. I’ll see the brighter side, my roomies are trying their best to clean up the mess have made, they’re known that I had a blog and they were try the best to fix my laptop. The nearest service centre in Kediri is taking an hour by motorcycle. Don’t you remember Pare is far from everywhere?

How many days had passed since red jewel’s broke, I think is more than 2 weeks. I missed Ied adha, pare’s carnival and many moments to write.

Ied adha in pare is similar with another city; Muslims who have money are participate in qurban. They give the meat and flesh to other people who need it, such as: poor people, orphan, beggar etc. Kampung Inggris Pare has strong Muslim culture and you can see 4 big mosques in Brawijaya, Veteran and Sudirman Street. Every Thursday night most of English courses held recital Yaasin in the camp. We’re not only learning English but also recital Qur’an to strengthen our faith to Allah. One week ago there was parade in Pare, Pare’s car carnival. The participant created unique decoration for their car; they were made very big feather and miniature of temple. Its similar with Jombang fashion carnival but in traditional ways. In last weekend, I went to Pamenang FM Kediri. This is one of four radio station for young adult; most of the radios in Kediri are not play English music. It’s too risky if they play English music because Kediri’s regency market / listener are different with Malang or Surabaya. Most of people who live in Kediri are farmer and worker so the owner of radio plays Indonesia and local music. It was awesome experience I got in Pamenang FM, thanks to my favorite announcers Mr.Deriz & Ms.Dita who granted my wish to your workplace.

Live in Pare Kediri’s like fairy tale. Back then, still remember the first day I came to Pare; I scream to myself, “I wanna go home, I hate the weather & I can’t find mall”. And now everything is change. There are a lot of unforgettable moment I got here, not only English but also friendship. My tutor gave me inspiration to never give up and never give in to reach your dream, they were also shared their knowledge to me, improved my confident and my skill as well. I’m glad to be here and I don’t wanna lose you.


8 Replies to “56 days in Pare-Kediri – Day 35-51: They broke my laptop”

  1. saya ke pare waktu itu cuma jenguk temen (dan mau wisata kuliner sebenernya haha). dan komentar temen saya persis banget kaya paragraf terakhir. at first, he always complain about wanting to go back home. but, in the last month, he’s kinda… not wanting the journey to be over yet.he’s having new friend(s) and their friendship is truly beautiful. and they explore the city using bicycle every weekend. i mean, you’re not going to experience that such thing in every place. so yeah, i get how can it turned him from hate at the first sight into endless love.

    oh iya, saya ngereview sate bekicot di blog saya https://andietafoodjourney.wordpress.com/2016/11/17/food-journey-kediri-sate-bekicot-kuliner-wajib-khas-kediri/ 😀


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  3. weeeeeewww!!
    must be upset you so much that your friend broke your laptop and the thing is you told them everytime to put things in places to avoid this kind of situation!
    semangatttttttt Wahyu!

    salam kenal mas e
    semoga kedepanya bisa bertatap muka dan bertukar cerita hehe


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