Working in hotel is amazing, remarkable & amusing

I’d like to tell you guys that today is the first month I’m working in hotel. I feel blissful and miserable at the same time. Why I said “miserable”, because it’s difficult to pray while you are in full of activity. A lot of time for pray were skipped. I have to put out of sight for pray even for 5 minutes. After all I doing my best at my workplace.

I became GRO (Guest Relation Officer) in 4 stars’ hotel at Hayam Wuruk Jakarta. I was astonished when they mailed me about my position. I don’t have experience at those position and a lot of question came to my head. When I looked back, after final interview with General Manager. He told me that I suitable for GRO. He said, “I want every guest look at you, take care for VIP and not standing all day long at desk”. I don’t have better option consider that day I was jobless and finally I agree to take that position.

Great, welcome on board. Simple question, what is GRO?

Guest relation officer is one of position at Front Desk department as a mediator for guests and hotel. That’s why, a GRO must competence on communicate with other and have good networking too. GRO is the first staff who greet customer when they come to hotel and make sure they have impressive experience after come to hotel, stay in hotel and leave hotel.

After I google duties and responsibilities of GRO, I found good article there and quite similar with my duties, e-g:

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Jakarta, back again as Hotelier

I won’t give up, no I won’t give in. ’till I reach the end and I start again

Hampir 2 bulan atau mungkin lebih, aku mengabaikan blog ini. Ingin sekali mencurahkan hal-hal yang sudah terjadi selama 2 bulan kemarin, mungkin terlalu banyak atau terlalu menyedihkan.

So this is my second post on my phone. My laptop is broken & i’m waitig for payday this month.

Apa yang diinginkan manusia, mungkin tidak selamanya berjalan sesuai rencana. Awalnya aku marah pada Allah karena sesuatu yang aku inginkan itu tidak terwujud. Tapi setelah aku renungkan, itu adalah pilihan terbaik yang diberikanNya saat ini.

Yang aku lakukan hanya menatap ke depan & berpikir positif bahwa Allah memberikan yang terbaik untuk umatNya. Allah pasti akan memberikan yang terbaik di tengah kegagalan yang sudah aku alami.

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56 days in Pare-Kediri – Day 35-51: They broke my laptop

Holy Molly I don’t know where I should start, because there are so many stories I want to tell but my laptop is broken. My roommate was poured the water accidentally, I always telling him to put everything in proper place. Not only him but also my other rommie are careless. It took more than two weeks to see my red jewel again, I bought it on 2012 and I name it red jewel. In the previous post, I said that I can write whether use phone or tablet but in Pare is different story. My phone doesn’t get good network and my tablet too. It’s complete torture. I’ll see the brighter side, my roomies are trying their best to clean up the mess have made, they’re known that I had a blog and they were try the best to fix my laptop. The nearest service centre in Kediri is taking an hour by motorcycle. Don’t you remember Pare is far from everywhere?

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